Winning by Focusing on What’s Relevant

From the Series: Fear Less

It’s great to win and be in first place, especially if you are a competitive type of person. But we don’t always win. Sometimes we are big losers, and that’s fine too. When you are on a team, you can miss the shot, fumble the ball, strike out but still end up winning the game. Why? Because you are part of a winning team.

Jesus is a winner, and as believers, we are on his team. But what kind of winner is Jesus? A winner over the world. In John 16:33, Jesus says to his disciples, “Take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Being a follower of Jesus means that we can identify with him when we are feeling pain, isolation, hunger, conflict and rejection from others. There are stories in the Bible of Jesus facing these same things.

But Jesus also experienced victories, and we can also win with him in many of those victories as well.  What are some of Jesus’ victories and how can we win as we follow him and his winning example? Find out in this sermon series.

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