Joseph: You Have One Job. (Genesis 40:1-23)

Recorded September 17, 2017

Joseph was not your average Joe … he cared for others and was a efficient administrator that put him positions of authority.  God also gave him a gift of interpreting dreams, and he used that gift to serve others.  But he was also at the mercy of others, especially the chief cup bearer.  The cupbearer had one job: intercede on Joseph’s behalf to the Pharaoh … and the cup-bearer messed that one job up.
In fact, Joseph would have to wait two long years more in prison before something good would happen for him.

Intercession is a key part of our Christian faith because it’s a job that Christ does for us … keeping us “in line and squared up” with our holy God. This is a holy job that only he can do.  Do that holy job for someone else this week … keep them in your heart … remember them in your thoughts … and bring them before God in prayer.  You have this one important job to do for someone this week … will you do it?

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