Joseph: May God Win. (Genesis 50:7-21)

Recorded on October 22, 2017

Beadle Middle School, Omaha, Nebraska.

Joseph was not your average Joe. Perhaps in this story he is so above average as to be a mirror of something we can’t even attain to. In Genesis he is portrayed as good and faces almost perfect evil in his brothers. And perhaps this is to prove a point: that God is at work in the struggle of good vs. evil.

This week … may God win for you, when you are feeling like Joseph, and turn the evil you face into good … good for your life and good for your character.

And may God work the evil and selfishness you put into the lives of others, like the brothers did, for good … for the good of others and the difficulty they may face at your hands.

May God always win … and may God’s goodness win in your life, for you and perhaps even despite you, this week.

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