Joseph: Defining Moments (Genesis 44:18-34)

Recorded October 8, 2017

Perhaps God is at work, behind the scenes, in this defining moment when life takes a turn for everyone and Judah takes responsibility for his brother Benjamin. Perhaps the unseen God is at work, guiding, shaping molding this situation and these people to move them all in a new direction in life.  Perhaps it’s the unseen God who is warming heard hearts and shaping lives and creating peace and reconciliation in the lives of these brothers.

What are the defining moments of your life? A conversation you once had with a parent about your relationship. Or with a mentor or counselor that turned the course of your life in a new direction? You got clear about what you believed.  The time you said “I do” or “I will” or the times you said “I quit” and it set your life in a new direction – not necessarily an easier direction but in one that was new and more authentic to how God has made you. The time a diagnoses rocked your world and shifted your life focus to what was important. Or you experienced unexplainable healing. The time someone left your life … or when someone new came into it.
When your secret finally came to light or when someone else’s secret was reveled to you.
When you stood up for someone else and found courage you never knew you had.

Perhaps that’s where God was at work in Judah’s life … to give him courage and accept responsibility for the life of Benjamin.  If we believe that God is active and at work in our lives, then it’s my contention that there is more than just coincidence or randomness going on in these defining moments …  It’s my contention that these moments must also be sacred, holy, and in some way, inspired by God, in ways that we can’t always see or understand at the time.

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