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New Sermon Series – Not Your Average Joe

Not Your Average Joe.

In the book of Genesis we meet a man named Joseph whose personality, faith, and life experiences are anything but average. He experiences family conflict, violence, threats on his life, prison, power, and authority. Joseph faces many ups and downs, and challenges and victories along his life’s journey. Through it all, he continues to have a love for God, holds on to faith and his desire to do what is right. In this sermon series, we will learn more about this important man who is one of 12 patriarchs of the Jewish people. As we explore his life we will see the struggles and difficult decisions he faced and how his faith supported him during those times, and how it was also a resource to him in times of success.
Join us on Sunday at Beadle or on Facebook live on Sundays at 10:00 A.M. If you’d like to listen to past sermons, you can find them here.

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