Any of these positions (worship, children’s or youth) can be done on a regular monthly rotation or as a substitute as needed. 

Trailer Unload, Setup, and Teardown

trailer loadArrive at 8:15 AM, unload trailer, set up all areas for Sunday morning worship, assist with tearing down all equipment after the service and reload the trailer. Team usually finishes by 11:45 AM. (2.5 hours commitment + worship)


Arrive by 9:00 AM, assemble bulletins, set out chairs, greet guests and hand out bulletins before the service, assist with offering and communion, help stack chairs after the service is over. (2 hours commitment + worship)

Welcome Table

Arrive by 9:15 AM, set up Welcome Table by front door, greet visitors, provide information, and hand out welcome information to first time visitors, take down table at the end of the service. (45 min. commitment)

Visitor Guide

Arrive at 9:45 AM, greet and guide visitors in the worship center, answer questions, and make them feel welcome. (20 min.)

Prayer Team

Arrive by 9:15 AM, pray over each chair in the Worship Center, staff the “prayer chapel”, pray for any prayer requests during the week. (15 min. as needed commitment)

Offering Counter

Collect offering baskets after church, count offering and record in computer. (30 min. commitment)

Refreshment Table, Bible Table, Name-Tag Tablerefreshments

Arrive by 9:00 AM, set up the Bible table, nametag table and refreshment tables, make sure it is kept clean before service, refill water bottles, clean up after church, and take back coffee urns (if not assigned already). (1.5 hours commitment)

Coffee Urns

Return empty coffee urns to Hy-Vee after the service. (15 min. commitment)


Arrive by 8:15 AM, assist with unloading and setting up of sound equipment and soundboard, run the soundboard during the service, take down soundboard equipment after the service. (2 hours commitment)

Praise Team

Arrive by 9:00 AM to warm up, lead the congregation in song, attend weekly practices on the weeks you are scheduled to sing. (1.5 hours commitment)

Communion Assistants

Four person team, usually held twice a month, one person bakes the Communion bread, one person sets up the service at 9:15 AM, all four help serve during the service, two help clean up at the end of the service individual assignments will be determined before each communion service. (15 min to 1 hour commitment)

signsSign Placement

Put our Living Grace signs out on a Friday evening and return them to the Mission Center on Sunday afternoon/evening. Volunteer must also be able to lift 40-50 pounds and have a a pickup truck, ‘stow & go’ mini-van, or other large vehicle. (Commitment is one weekend every other month.)



Grace Place Sunday School

grace place helpGrace Place Set-up & Tear-Down

Arrive at 8:45 AM, assist with setting up tables, mats, stools, and getting out pre-packaged supplies for Sunday school, pack up items after Sunday school. (2 hour commitment)

Grace Place Welcome Table

Arrive by 9:15 AM, distribute curriculum, greet and check-in families, register new families, direct children to their tables, assist during Sunday school as needed, take attendance and count offering. (2 hour commitment)

Opening Grace Place Worship Leader 

Arrive by 9:30 AM, lead large group time during Grace Place with songs and a message about the lesson that is pre-planned. (45 min commitment)


grace place leaderArrive by 9:30 AM. Teach / lead a group of children – teaching opportunities range in age from 3 years to fourth grade, lead them in Bible studies, crafts, and activities – everything is pre-planned and supplies are provided – help with tear/down. (2 hour commitment)

Nursery Set-up/Teardown

Arrive at 9:00 AM – set up mats and all nursery supplies to be ready for kids by 9:30 AM and tear-down after worship. (45 min. commitment)

Nursery Caregiver

Arrive by 9:30 AM and take care of infants up to age 3, cell phone #’s are provided by parents if any issues arise. Help tear-down. (2 hour commitment)


Vacation Bible School: Once a year in June, a one week event for children. Over seventy volunteers are needed in the following areas:Brinley

Leaders: Music, Creative, Teaching, Craft, Story, Games, Snacks, Group Leaders (Pre-school and Elementary), Kitchen Crew, Advertising, Decorating and Setup, Set Building, Registration, Photographer/Videographer

Christmas Program: Director, Music Leader, Communications, Set Design/Set-up, Accompanists, Costumes

Youth Ministry

Sunday morning AMPED and YOLO

youth ministryArrive by 9:15 AM – help teach youth group or older children 5th grade through 12th grade, lead students in discussions and activities. Everything is pre-planned and supplies are provided. (2 hour commitment)

Weekday EPIC Middle School: Meets monthly for a service project and fellowship usually on a Sunday and takes youth trips. Adults are needed to provide food or chaperone/drive for events from time to time.

Weekday YOLO High School Group: Meets weekly  and participates in other fun activities and youth trips.

Ministry Teams

These teams meet regularly to plan and implement various events and projects within our church and the community.

Connections Team – Plans social and ‘get to know you’ events for our church. table set up

Engage Team – Plans outreach activities for the community.

Children’s Ministries Team – Plans and guides children’s programming.

Youth Ministry Team – Plans and guides middle school and high school events.

Prayer Team –Prays over chairs on Sunday, prays with members and follows up on prayer requests submitted at worship, or online.

Small Group Ministry – including Bible Studies, Men’s and Women’s Ministry.

Meals Ministry Team – provides meals or gift cards to church attendees in need such as after a surgery or a new baby.

Marketing Team – Oversees the marketing initiatives for our church.

Creative Worship Team – Plans and oversees Christmas Eve and Easter worship, and other special services.

Church Leadership

(Appointed & Elected Positions)

Vision Board – (elected by vote of congregation) oversees big picture strategic initiatives. Lead by Vision Board President.

Mutual Ministries Team – (appointed) a pastoral Human Resources / advisory committee.

Audit Team  (appointed by Vision Board) Meets yearly to audit the church financial system and records.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Lori Lindberg at loril@livinggraceomaha.org if you would like to sign up, or if you have any questions regarding volunteering at Living Grace.