Living Grace Lutheran Church is a warm, vibrant and growing church in west Omaha, Nebraska.

We worship God passionately each Sunday morning, connect with each other in fun and meaningful ways, engage and make a positive impact in our community and around the world, and bring others with us on this exciting journey of faith.
Your heart will be moved through inspiring music, singing, and prayer, and your faith will be strengthened through a message that directly connects the deep words of Scripture to your everyday life. Your kids will also have a blast at our Grace Place Sunday School. So join us this Sunday morning to experience Living Grace for yourself.

Our Congregational Purpose and Mission

2014-MissionLogoOur congregation’s purpose is to be the most inspiring and uplifting Christian church in Omaha. We do this by following Jesus Christ and living out the mission God has called us to.

That mission is to:

Our Sunday morning worship service is a lighthearted, engaging, uplifting and inspiring spiritual experience. At Living Grace, we make it easy to go to church.
We believe that having fun and connecting regularly with Christian friends can make your life more meaningful.
Through your unique engagement with the world and the church, God will do amazing things to you and also through you.
No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, God’s desire is to grow you spiritually.

Our Theological Principals

While we consider our church to be in the historical Trinitarian tradition, there are certain theological principles that are important in our teaching.

  1. The God who created the universe is a God of Grace. God the Father freely and graciously blesses us with all we need from day to day, and sustains the universe. In God we, “live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:18) God has built his life giving principles into the creation. (see James 1:17)
  2. Jesus is the full and unique revelation of God. Through the birth of Jesus the Son, God made his home among us in the life of Jesus (incarnation). Through his life, we see God’s heart and desires for us (wisdom, abundant life, and sanctification). In Jesus’ death we experience forgiveness and the ability to transform suffering for good (redemption and the theology of the cross). In his resurrection we have a new life now and forever (salvation). The primary purpose of the Word is to show us Jesus.
  3. Receptivity is the posture of the life lived in the Holy Spirit. We grow in faith through the cultivation of our Spiritual lives. Spiritual practice is not a duty or a discipline, it is a time where we receive from God, and are ‘filled up’ and inspired by the Holy Spirit. God does this in ways that are congruent with how God has made us. We pause for Bible reading, prayer, reflection, discernment, fasting and other practices to be led and guided by God and to gain spiritual wisdom. We also connect with the body of Christ on earth by engaging with his church.
  4. Responding in faith and love is how we live. Birthing out of this spiritual receptivity, we respond and live as faithful followers of Jesus, and engage with our world in creative ways. We practice vocations that are congruent with our gifts and talents, we are creative, and we build others up serving our neighbor in love. (1 Peter 4:10)


Living Grace Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Nebraska Synod.