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Living Grace Lutheran Church - Omaha Nebraska

grace place

Bring your kids to Grace Place this Sunday at 10:00am to experience the love and grace of God!

Each Sunday, children ages 3 through 6th grade celebrate God by singing up-beat, contemporary children’s music and then gather with other kids their age to learn the stories of the Bible in engaging and interesting ways. Our Sunday School mornings also include prayer-time, visits from our puppet Gracie, and fun Bible-based lessons.

Children under 3 years of age are invited to the Grace Place nursery. We provide ways for even these youngest of children to experience the Bible in special ways. Your child’s safety and security are important to us. We provide pagers to parents who have a child in the nursery.

Grace PlaceAt Grace Place, we work to develop positive mentoring relationships between fellow students, teachers, Pastor James and the entire congregation.

The children are also actively involved in the worship services. They sing for the congregation every other month and on holidays.

Our Grace Place Kids also enjoy spending time with each other in other organized church activities such as our Christmas program, summer Vacation Bible School and the Splash Bash at the Lake Zorinsky Aquatic center.

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Please join us this Sunday for Grace Place — your kids will have a blast and you’ll feel good about the ways they are learning about God.

mail to: 18025 Oak St., Suite B, Omaha NE 68130402.669.3340