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  • HeavenTheAfterParty-Website

    Heaven: The After-Party Sermon Series

    What is heaven like? Perhaps when you picture heaven, what comes to mind is a place with white clouds and chubby angels flying around playing harps. Or you envision large, pearly gates, with a long line of people waiting for a bearded and robed man to check his book before letting

  • easterprayer-title1

    A Prayer for your Easter meal

    Prayer Before the Easter Meal Invite a young person to read the resurrection story from Mark 16:2-6. If one is not present, it may be read by an adult. “Very early on Sunday morning, just at sunrise, the women went to the tomb. On the way they were asking each

  • suggestionbox

    Suggestion Box

    We want your input. Last Sunday the marketing team and facilities vision team started to collect your input on why we should start moving toward building our own facility.  We are still looking for your thoughts and feelings on this subject. Suggestion Box If you have a reason that is