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    Summer Sermon Series: Positive Contact

    New Sermon Series: Positive Contact Jesus came in contact with many different types of people, and those interactions became a positive learning and growing experience for those he interacted with. In this summer sermon series, we will explore some of Jesus’ interactions with others in the Gospel of Luke and...

  • dailygrace

    Daily Scripture Reading, Kid Question and Prayer

    Use these passages each day as a personal or family devotion to help you follow Jesus as his disciple. Saturday, June 17 All who hate me whisper about me, imagining the worst. “He has some fatal disease,” they say. “He will never get out of that bed!” Even my best...

  • ordinaryangels-web

    Ordinary Angels: Jesus’ Twelve Disciples

    New sermon series starting April 23 Perhaps we think of Jesus’ twelve disciples as ‘super followers’ of Jesus who were perfect in their faith and devotion to him. While the disciples were important and faithful people, in the Bible we also get a strikingly ordinary and fallible view of them.  Some...

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